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Kitchen Remodel From An Expert

I just watched a video of a kitchen redo on Houzz and was prompted to write this blog. Shocking that a site so well frequented would give such erroneous advice. Tear out all and replace in the same configuration which was horrendous!? Certainly not! Step up the microwave? Was this a joke?

Kitchen Remodel

Left handed faucet? Tight entrance? Mistake after mistake.

First take measurements and draw out the perimeter. Then draw out your traffic patterns as each home has different usage for the space and surrounding areas. Now you can draw in appliances and cabinetry. If you feel that this is over your skill aptitude, then find an expert. This is a very costly room to accomplish and mistakes are not easily remedied.

Our site is an option as we take your measurements and give you optimum design. You can then take to any local dealer to accomplish or you have the ability to order through our site . Your choice.

But the most important thing is to design it right!

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