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Purchase Online Design Time

We understand each space is different and each clients needs and requirements are different.  These are just general guidelines based upon our experience. General guideline for design time requirements:​

  • Bathroom or Bedroom = ~2 hours

  • Master Bathroom or Master Bedroom = 2-5 hours

  • Living Room or Family Room or Dinning Room = 2-12 hours

  • Library = 5-10 hours

  • Kitchen = 5-15 hours

  • Basement/Studio = 2-15 hours

Online time is NOT able to be used in the studio. These blocks of time are for our out of state/country e-clients that want Studio One to design a space(s) for them so they can Do It Yourself (DIY) or have their contractor perform the construction. We are experts at layout & design. These blocks of time are used to produce a design(s)/layout using your provided measurements and requested needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or for which block of time is most appropriate for your needs.

Book Your Online Design Time

* For more than 12 hours please contact us.

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