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Praise From Our Clients

Rona Pepper

Where do I begin? Studio One has been a trusted decorator and planner for my business and my home. So far I have had four major renovations they have designed and managed for us. Each has its own personality and style and fits with the rest of the décor. Truly, Studio One has been wonderful to work with and will certainly be a large part of any decorating or planning in the future.

Rena and Elliot Rank

I knew Marie Schwartz personally as a friend prior to our professional engagement. I wanted to know whether there was a more efficient way to utilize my existing kitchen space. Spontaneously, asked Marie to make a recommendation. At that time, we were not committed to renovation. Marie indicated that our cabinetry and counter-tops were outdated and that the appliances could be repositioned for easier access and flow. We were intrigued and requested that Studio One generate a floor plan for consideration. We deliberated over a long time period during which Studio One created many creative floor plans, some utilizing the existing space and others expanding into other rooms. Studio One was mindful of our budgetary limits and they were patient during our decision-making process. Although we routinely obtain multiple estimates from different companies when entering into major expenditures, we were thoroughly trusting of Marie and Rebekak's advice, mutually respectful consideration of our ideas, and ultimate adherence to our financial needs. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the workmanship provided by their contractor and painters, and the quality of the cabinetry and counter-tops. We are thrilled with the renovations to our kitchen. In summary, we praise and extol to our friends and family the services provided by Marie, Rebekah and Shakira of Studio One and we highly recommend that you strongly consider working with them toward your new "dream kitchen'.

Fran Rosen

My husband and I moved to Baltimore from New York in May, 2015. It was only by chance that we happened to stop in at Studio One's showroom and right away we felt a connection with Marie, who was also from New York. Coming back a few days later we met with Rebeka, who was working with Marie at the time, and another instant connection was made. They were both terrific and fun to work with. Working with Marie, Rebeka, Shakira, Fred (our contractor) and the other craftsmen that they brought in to make our apartment a true home, has been a dream come true. Marie and Rebeka were there for every step of the design, implementation and construction. Even when I wasn't around, they were at the condo checking things out, making sure everything was done to perfection. If there was a problem and there were so few of them) they were both right there helping out, advising, recommending and fixing whatever was wrong. All the decorating choices that were recommended worked out so beautifully. It is a joy to walk in the front door every time. The rooms are all bright and beautiful and happy-looking. Everyone who sees our apartment is amazed at how beautifully it was all done. Shakira, who works with Marie, is also a delight to deal with. She promptly answers any questions I have, whether by phone or by email. Happily, I am working with Marie again on decorating a bedroom that we didn't do the first time around. Shakira has contributed several ideas that were in line with what I wanted to have done. I couldn't ask for nicer people to work with. Studio One can feel like a home away from home because of the wonderful people who work there.

Suzie Cheng

Studio One, thank you so much for all of your creative hard work this year! I am so pleased with how everything turned out thanks to you! All the best to your staff and extended family.

Vicki Hackett

To everyone at Studio One: What can I possibly say to truly express my “shock & awe” over my new kitchen? From the creative genius of Marie… to the compassionate resolve and attention to details of Rebecca… to the unending follow up (always with a smile) of the unwavering dedication of John… to Charlotte's office efficiency, I remain eternally grateful. And Rebecca, your daughter was a gem as well. Being in business myself, I am painfully aware of the pitfalls of dealing with contractors and suppliers at a time when it is imperative to keep calm and controlled for the customer. Somehow, even with the several obstacles and challenges with my account, I always had the feeling that the professionals at Studio One would other words; I was in "good hands”. The painter finally finished yesterday and I am now in the midst of cleaning up and putting the house back together (of course window treatments and accessorizing arp next). I can’t wait until you can come out and take a look for yourselves ~ we should have taken “before and after” photos, as the transformation is unbelievable, and will be singing your praises for a long time to come. Let me know when you have a chance to “take a peek" at your latest creation.

Moshe Hauer

Dear Marie, I do not know how to begin to thank you for everything you have done for our shul. You and Rebeka have given so much of your valuable time, effort and expertise, and you have produced result that is nothing short of breathtaking. Everyone who enters the building ~ without exception ~ stands in open-mouthed amazement at the beauty of every detail you designed and created. While we have grown used to the compliments about the beauty of the Sanctuary, we are hearing it all over again about the lobby and the new Harry & Ruth Glazer Reception Hall, The Glazer family was especially impressed with and appreciative of your outstanding work. Your generosity has been of tremendous help for our shul, and has made this a synagogue of stunning beauty. We are told to make God's home ~ the Temple ~ beautiful and

glorious, and you have allowed us to fulfill this Mievah to the utmost. Thank you!! I hope and pray that you see only happiness and Nachas in your own life and that of your Family, and that your every endeavor be crowned with success. Thank you!!

Lynn Traub

After cooking for and celebrating Passover in my new kitchen, I just wanted to let you both know how much I love it! Everything flowed so well and we were able to have a few (vaccinated) people prepping and cooking at the same time. It was wonderful!

Other Notes From Clients

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